Rosa Damascena Oil

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Not tested on animals

100% Pure Rose Essential Oil.

Discover its nourishing qualities that delay the aging effects, remove the stains on the face, and soothe the skin.

Akita rose oil is 100% natural pure rose oil.
We produce our rose oil drop-by-drop with old-fashioned copper distillers.
During the production we only add roses and water and we boil.
Would you like to try Akita's real rose oil for a beautiful skin?
Fight the spots on your skin with real rose oil!
It is naturally anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory.
Beauty comes to mind when the subject is the rose. We want to have beautiful skin. Beautiful rose gives you beautiful skin. You will feel how real rose oil adds radiance to your skin!
When you smell, it gives you relief and refreshment with its natural smell. It is a product that appeals to both your skin and your soul.
Real rose oil gives skin vitality . It helps to remove stains on the skin. Natural rose oil is very useful even for allergic skin.
Rose oil is a very dense oil.
You can apply 1ml rose oil as a beauty cure for one month or 15 days, or you can drop a few drops into your cream. (Akita facial creams contain natural rose oil and rose water).
Its application is also very easy. Apply on to your skin with the bar in the small bottle.
Moisturize your skin with rose water and then apply rose oil- it will spread easily on your skin.
Discover its nourishing qualities that delay the aging effects, remove the blemishes on the face, and soothe the skin.

Keep Calm & Glow On

For a literal rosy glow, try this Damask Rose Oil. Rose Oil is said to have many benefits, including anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, natural antimicrobial, plus its enticing scent. It's also said to get your chakras energised too.

Akita Natural Rose Oil, the indispensable raw material of the World's leading cosmetic and perfume brands. There are many claims made about pure Akita Rose Oil having positive effects upon all sorts of physical and emotional conditions. Pure Turkish Rose Oil is a top note essential oil. Its frequency is extremely high and rapid. The fragrant molecules are released into the air and quickly influence the energy centres of the body. The fragrant molecules, on inhalation, are quickly taken up by the olfactory senses and penetrate and energise the upper chakras of the body. When this sensation is experienced your connection with the spiritual and the divine is enhanced and you move in concert with the universal force. This gives calming strength and one feels harmonious and comfortable. Akita is manufacturer of Damask Rose Oil.

Rose essential oil benefits;

*Natural anti-aging.

*Natural anti-inflammatory.

*Natural antimicrobial.

Rose essential oil uses;


One drop of Turkish pure Rose Oil in half teaspoon of almond oil.


Two drops of Turkish pure Rose Oil in a warm bath. Stir water around and close door to contain fragrance.

Body Oil:

Mix one part of Turkish pure Rose Oil to ten parts of carrier oil. (almond or jojoba)

Rose Oil Diffuser:

Place two drops of Turkish pure Rose Oil into already warm water. Have enough water for suitable evaporation.


Put one drop of Turkish pure Rose Oil in one hand. Rub hands together vigorously. Hold hands in prayer position near nose. Avoid contact with eyes.

Water Bowl:

Put boiling water in bowl away from children and pets. Add two drops of Turkish pure Rose Oil.


First wash and rinse. Put two drops of Turkish pure Rose Oil onto warm washer. Wipe over body avoiding eyes and other delicate parts.

Dream Pillow:

Put two to three drops of Turkish pure Rose Oil onto a cotton ball or tissue. Place in pillow cuff away from eyes.
Mix five drops of Turkish pure Rose Oil with 20 drops of jojoba oil. Use and remake small quantities.


See Massage Oil above.


Dab minute amount of pure Turkish pure Rose Oil onto forehead, throat and heart.

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