Face Cream Night

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60 ml glass jar

Beauty sleep, our skin metabolism during sleep is associated with a lot more work. We live in time zones varies in function of the skin. Dinner at 18.00 from the skin's metabolism begins to work more intensely. 23.00 from the skin's blood circulation, renovation and repair work is reaching the highest value. 04:00 hours in the morning until cell division in the skin takes place much faster than in the daytime. Also the skin care products in terms of getting is more appropriate at night. In addition to this, the oil and water-based products to reach the skin at these times may be possible.

The beneficial ingredients in our skin cream at night are more prone to take. Night cream, day cream separates from the most important point is to include protection against sunlight.

To apply a night cream on your skin, on your skin, remove dirt deposited on the first day you need to include. After cleaning your skin with face wash gel to tighten your skin you can use rose water or tonic. You can complete your night cream at night with care.