Face Tonic

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250 mL

A wonderfully refreshing and cooling skin tonic. This rose water is distilled from the delicate petals of thousands of fragrant Turkish roses. Its mild astringent quality tones the skin after cleansing, leaving your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

Rose Facial Tonic clarifies, harmonizes and hydrates the skin, lifting off any residue from the facial cleanser and/or any remaining impurities and restoring skin to its correct pH balance in anticipation of the moisturizer. It is a skin care product suitable for all skin types but especially beneficial for dry, sensitive and allergy-prone skin; it will enable you to maintain a seamlessly soft, smooth and lucid complexion. Just as the Rose Face Cleanser aligns with the oil component of the skin's hydro-lipid barrier, the Rose Facial Toner corresponds to the water component. In tandem, they provide the nourishment, hydration and purity the skin requires to exude health, energy and vitality.
Directions: Gently pat rose facial toner on skin before using the Rose cream moisturizer or the lighter Rose lotion moisturizer and as needed throughout the day.