Lavender Water 250mLX3

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250 mlx2

100% Pure Turkish Lavender Flower Water

Bottles are filled with the Lavender water & oil  additive free combination.

At Akita we never separate the lavender oil from the lavender water so you are assured  the true holistic benefits our real lavender essence. 

Lavender water helps smooth wrinkles while restoring vitality and moisture balance to facial skin.

Rose water, with a mood enhancing aroma, works as a wonderful makeup remover, and natural skin toner. 

Akita Lavender Water has no preservatives and no chemicals. 

Akita Lavender Water is 100% Natural !

Ingredient: Distilled Lavender Flower Water

Spray Akita Lavender Water as an excellent all natural facial and body spray.

It lasts 3 or 4 years refrigerated. At room temperature it lasts 1 or 2 years making Akita Rose water a very good investment. 

Akita All Natural Rose Water is FDA approved.

Our Lavender Vapeurs is a symbol of purity of Mother Nature.

The pure mist of Lavender beautifies skin like nothing can.

It cleanses, moisturises, balances, adds radiance and glow, all with one spray. Simultaneously it helps in restoring the goodness of skin; it Works on skin flaws as sun burns, marks, acne and spots.

It is undoubtedly your Nature's Beauty Booster.

Inhale the sheer aroma of Fresh Lavenders and bring calm and serenity to your Skin & Soul.

Lavenders are known to naturally promote stress relief.

Spray Lavender water to your scalp if you have dandruff and notice the improvement