Rose Oil With Argan Oil

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Akita rose oil is 100% natural pure rose oil.

We produce our rose oil drop-by-drop with old-fashioned copper distillers.
During the production we only add roses and water and we boil.
We do not produce a lot of rose oil because we are producing rose water without getting oil from it.
Would you like to try Akita's real rose oil for a beautiful skin?
Fight the spots on your skin with real rose oil and argan oil!
It is naturally anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory.
Beauty comes to mind when the subject is the rose. We want to have beautiful skin. Beautiful rose gives you beautiful skin. You will feel how real rose oil adds radiance to your skin!
When you smell, it gives you relief and refreshment with its natural smell. It is a product that appeals to both your skin and your soul.
Real rose oil gives skin vitality . It helps to remove stains on the skin. Natural rose oil is very useful even for allergic skin.
Rose oil is a very dense oil.
You can apply 1ml rose oil as a beauty cure for one month or 15 days, or you can drop a few drops into your cream. (Akita facial creams contain natural rose oil and rose water).
Its application is also very easy. Apply on to your skin with the bar in the small bottle.
Moisturize your skin with rose water and then apply rose oil- it will spread easily on your skin.
Discover its nourishing qualities that delay the aging effects, remove the stains on the face, and soothe the skin.