Face Oil Rose

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Rose oil, olive oil, centaury oil, argan oil, sesame oil ...

Akita Face Oil is prepared with oils that naturally complement each other's benefits...

A natural nourishing face oil with rose oil helps to shorten the process of getting rid of your facial blemishes.

Rose oil has a natural anti-aging effect that delays wrinkle formation, tightens your skin, helps to open your wrinkles that have formed.

Pure rose oil is very intense. Akita Face Oil is an alternative for those who want to use pure rose oil because it contains an ample amount of rose oil.

You will be impressed by its beautiful rose scent!

It is used extensively to clear spots and remove facial blemishes and scars and it will give your skin freshness, brightness and richness.”

Your skin will be nourished by natural rose oil, natural argan oil, natural sesame oil.

Sesame oil and pure olive oil give the skin extra freshness.

Akita Face Oil is applied under the cream for extremely dry skin.

Wet your face with Akita Natural Rose Water and apply the Akita Natural Face Oil. Liberally spray Rose Water on your skin, thoroughly moisturizing your face .

Increase your application volume in a controlled way, starting with very little.

If you have oily skin, you can take care of it by massaging before bathing. You can take a shower after waiting for 1 hour.

Formulated from natural oils, Akita Natural Nourishing Facial Cleanser satisfies the natural moisture requirement of dry and worn skin and stimulates skin.

The skin becomes soft and smooth. Natural facial oil is absorbed quickly by the skin.