Clay Face Mask Lavender

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125 ml jar

A full aromatherapy, natural clay face mask with pure lavender oil...

Facial mask with clay and lavender water and oil is an effective and natural blend for skin care.

Glycerin is the most effective way to maintain your skin without drying because it helps to cleanse your skin and pores.

It is used as an adjunct in the treatment of wrinkles and in the treatment of sunburns and acne scars.

It is made with white clay rich in active mineral salts that remove toxins from the skin surface.

The skin absorbs mineral needs, clay absorbs dirt with absorbent effect, helps reduce skin blemishes.

The face mask has moisturizers that stop the skin from dehydrating. 

It also contains vitamin E and natural elements.

All these effects give your skin a clean and healthy appearance.

Face masks also help to remove blemishes and acne scars on the face in a shorter time