Anti-Aging Face Cream

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50 ml

What is Ribose?

Ribose is a pentose sugar that occurs naturally in all living cells. It is the only known cosmetic ingredient used by the skin cells to control energy restoration. Its action on cell metabolism restores energy to the skin for a global anti-ageing action and gives new energy to tired skin.
What does Ribose do?
Ribose is a fundamental building block of the ATP molecule, and ATP is the most important source of cell energy. To function efficiently, the cell must keep its ATP at a maximum level. Each cell contains a reserve of ATP but there is a limited capacity to store it and only small amounts are available. In a healthy organism at normal conditions, the ATP reserve is maintained at a constant level, mainly thanks to a permanent turnover. However, during stressful conditions, the energetic need of the cell is higher than the recycling capacity and the ATP level dramatically falls.
Riboxyl™ is natural D-ribose, a sugar presents in all living cells. It generates new ATP (energy source) to restore skin energy level helping the cells to function better and stimulating synthesis of key dermis components. By reloading skin with new energy, Riboxyl™ clinically improves the appearance of wrinkles and skin aspect after only 2 weeks! Riboxyl™ helps the skin to look firmer, smoother, more supple and revitalized.