Face Oil Rose

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All Natural Rosa Damascena Face Oil

For a literal rosy glow, try this face oil with Damask Rose Oil. Rose Oil is said to have many benefits, including anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, natural antimicrobial, plus its enticing scent. It's also said to get your chakras energised too.

Akita Natural Rose Oil, the indispensable raw material of the World's leading cosmetic and perfume brands. There are many claims made about pure Akita Rose Oil having positive effects upon all sorts of physical and emotional conditions. Pure Turkish Rose Oil is a top note essential oil. Its frequency is extremely high and rapid. The fragrant molecules are released into the air and quickly influence the energy centres of the body. The fragrant molecules, on inhalation, are quickly taken up by the olfactory senses and penetrate and energise the upper chakras of the body. When this sensation is experienced your connection with the spiritual and the divine is enhanced and you move in concert with the universal force. This gives calming strength and one feels harmonious and comfortable. Akita is manufacturer of Damask Rose Oil.