About Lavender

About Lavender

Lavender, also known as flos lavandulae romanae, is a fragrant plant, blooming in rich, distinct blues and whites. The Lavender flower boasts a delicate beauty that is seldom matched.

Lavender has been linked to numerous forms of relief, helping to alleviate joint aggravation brought on by Rheumatism, proven to help with liver function and in reducing physical tension and migraines.

Lavender Oil is seen as one of the 15 most important substances produced in the entire world. Lavender, in it's application, calms, eases and soothes the user in numerous, long lasting ways.

In a study on Isparta's Lavender plants conducted by Süleyman Demirel University (SDU) Rose and Rose Products Research and Application Centre (GÜLAR)Director Prof. Dr. Hasan Baydar; Lavender's been proven to produce calming and soothing effects.

Our Lavender is cultivated from Isparta, growing on curved, non-irrigable and otherwise infertile areas and thriving at that. This means our lavender is resilient and robust, a lavender that stands on it's own.