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I love rose water . I use it every day. It relaxes me and my skin a lot.

I use Akita Rose Water because it is real rose water.

What is real rose water? Why is it a unique product?

Real rose water is distilled- one time- and rose water and rose oil comes out combined.(This method is unique to Akita, no other companies use this method)

Real rose water must have rose oil inside it.

This means all beneficial minerals stay inside the rose water.

That's why Akita rose water has real effects.

It has no preservatives and no chemicals, which is the reason that Akita Rose Water is unique in all the world.

Akita produces real rose water in a traditional way.

What is the traditional way?

When it is produced it is distilled in copper alembics. And just roses and water will be added.

What is the difference between Akita Rose Water and other rose waters?

Akita is the only company who produces mainly rose water. Other companies produce rose oil, and rose water would be the fallout. Rose oil is very precious so they simply take the oil and leave the rose water.

1kg rose oil is 13.000Euro. This kind of rose oil is used in the perfume industry. Rose oil binds the scents in the perfume.

All perfumes have to have rose oil inside. If perfume has more Rosa Damascena Oil it means its quality is better than the others and it lasts longer.

And many other rose waters on the market include a lot of chemical ingredients.

What is the Akita All Natural Rose Water’s Shelf Life?

Akita rose water has two different all natural preservatives, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, astringent properties and more.

And Akita Rose Water’s ingredient is just ‘Rosa Damascena Flower Water’.

Although it is all natural, its shelf life is longer.

It lasts three to four years refrigerated. At room temperature it lasts one or two years making Akita Rose water a very good investment. 

How to use?

While spraying it on, breathe deeply. Improve your meditation by spraying Akita All Natural Rose Water to your face before meditation.
Deepen your sleep by sprinkling spray Akita All Natural Rose Water on your pillow. Inhale when you are feeling anxious or upset.

After spraying, you can clean your face with cotton whenever and wherever you want.

You can spray it on and you can just leave it.

Apply to your face as a skin toner before face cream.

You can use to set the makeup and to remove your makeup.

Use daily as a natural shaving lotion.

Massage your hair after washing, or rinse your hair with rose water to revitalize your hair.

You can use Akita All Natural Rose Water for a baby's skin and for aging skin.

What are the benefits?

It is an all natural anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial.

It is an all natural skin toner, skin cleanser, hydrosol.

It has astringent properties.

It gives your skin a refreshed, healthy look.

It is very good for acne, eczema, dermatitis and sensitive skin.

Close your eyes, spray Akita All Natural Rose Water and take a deep breath!

You will feel that you are in the middle of a rose garden.


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