Where can Vaseline be Used?

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Akita Vaseline is Farma-Grade Vaseline and contains 100% natural oils used in pharmacy.

The ingredients are petroleum jelly and natural oils.

Vaseline intensely moisturizes the skin and provides great care to your skin with the 100% natural lavender oil contained in Akita Vaseline.

Vaseline also keeps these oils on your skin longer. Your skin absorbs these oils and helps to repair and prevent cracks.

Vaseline's harmful effects

There are no side effects from petroleum jelly research shows. Because the skin does not absorb Vaseline, it helps protect against external factors.

What is Vaseline?

It has been discovered that it gives intense moisture to the skin and is being used for skin care.

Where can Vaseline be used?

Vaseline is an intensive moisturizer that you can use on your entire skin.


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