What make Akita 100% pure rose water and rose oil beneficial?

Posted by Ayse KILIC on

If you look at the chemistry side, there are natural antioxidants in rose oil that also contain other essential oils.

For example, "geraniol" and "eugenol" are anti-cancer phytochemicals ... Other phytochemicals in rose oil: Pectin, gallic acid, geraniol, eugenol, tannin, quercitrin and anthocyanin.

This is the plant’s own chemical structure. We know that the smell of roses opens the mind and calms you.

The Japanese have tried it in a factory workshop. The smell of roses was found to increase production by more than 20%.

Rose is a supplement to skin healing with an antioxidant effect. It is known that it helps to repair the cells affected by radiation, and it gives vitality.

Because it is an antiseptic, it can be used as a tonic on oily and spotty skin.

When you use it as a massage oil, it has a relaxing effect on muscles and the nervous system.


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