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We are the manufacturer of all natural rose water, rose oil and skin care products.

We are living in Isparta, Turkey. Isparta is famous for its roses.

We bought a rose garden and we have learnt how to produce real and all natural rose water.

We have been working with the GULAR Centre at Suleyman Demirel University which has done a lot of research on real rose water.

We started to produce real and effective rose water. Other companies remove all the rose oil from the rose water, because it is very precious and very expensive. But we don't take it out. Because our main goal is to produce rose water that has maximum beneficial effects.

We decided to produce it in a traditional way, in a copper alembic. To produce it in a copper alembic gives the product a much higher quality . 

Real rose water means it is all natural, water that has been distilled only once. And rose water must have its rose oil inside. If we distill roses and water one time, rose oil and water come out together. It is most effective in that form and its benefits are substantial.

The kind of rose we use blooms between May and June. It holds the benefits it gets from the soil for about 11 months.

We export our all natural rose water to 12 different countries, including Taiwan, Chine and of course Canada.

We bring this very beneficial and unique product to you.


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