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Can rose oil be used around the eyes?

Rose oil is a natural anti-wrinkle.

We do not recommend that you apply the rose oil very close to the eye area.

It's better to apply it at a certain distance from the center of your eye.

If you use it just below the eyebrows and on the line joining the cheeks, the rose oil will affect your eye wrinkles as it will spread in your skin by itself.

Can Rose Oil be used to the skin directly?

Applying rose oil to your skin can be better if you slightly moisturize the skin with rose water. (You should use only a drop of rose oil because real and pure Rosa Damascena oil is so intense)

When your skin is moisturized, the rose oil will spread easily all over your skin.

So you can control the amount of rose oil you apply.

Since  pure rose oil is very dense, the rose oil in the Akita rose water will be enough for your skin to look healthy.

If you want to strengthen its effect, you can moisturize your skin with rose water and apply rose oil at night.

Benefits of Rose Oil for the hair;

Rose oil is also very benefical for hair.

Pure rose oil is very expensive and it is sold as 1 gr.

Instead of using pure rose oil on your hair, you can also use the rose water that Akita produces as a substitute.

You can spray rose water on your hair whether your hair is moist or dry. You can massage with the rose water both your hair and scalp before going to bed every night.

Rose Oil Mask;

You can use Rose Oil as a face mask.

You can also choose Akita Face Mask. Akita Face Mask Rose contains pure rose water and pure rose oil.

If you are preparing a mask at home, you can use our rose water. 

If you want to add more rose oil, you can add a drop of Akita pure rose oil.


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