Face Oil Uses

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By adding Akita Facial Oil to your daily skin care, you can better nourish and moisturize your skin.
Face oil can create wonders when added to  your daily skin care regimen.

You can add Akita 100% Natural Face Oil to your Akita Natural Face Cream Rose and Akita Natural Face Clay Mask Rose, protect the moisture balance and naturally achieve perfect skin.
Five ways to use facial oil;
1. Brightening Shield: In the winter, your skin may become dull, so you should use a protective shield on your skin. Akita Facial can be your protective shield that makes
 your skin glow. Apply two or three drops of face oil after applying rose water to help keep your makeup on your skin all day long.
2. Massage Mask: It is best to massage your skin twice a month for a softer, softer
 skin. Before applying Akita Clay Face Mask, you can massage with Akita Face Oil. That give you a smooth, moist and healthy skin.
3. Treatment: To help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, or to reduce skin pigmentation and reduce hyper-pigmentation, you can apply face oil before applying the moisturizing Akita Natural Face Cream. After cleansing your skin, use Akita Rose Water as a tonic and moisturize your skin with Akita Natural Face Cream and notice the change in your skin within a few days.
4. Add to the cream: You can mix Akita Natural Cream with two drops of Akita Face Oil, then apply it to your skin. The oil helps revitalize your skin and helps to keep your skin looking healthy with the antioxidants it contains. Your skin will glow.
5. Revitalizing: The skin can absorb nutrients easily while we sleeping.
 Adding two or three drops of Akita Face Cream to Akita Natural Face Cream can double the results you will get. Apply the mixture to the face, see how well it works against unwanted lines and wrinkles.
Using regular skin cleansing,
a tonic, and applying face oil day and night before applying face cream creates a more nutritious effect for your skin.
Akita 100% Natural Face Cream can be used
 day and night.


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